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Ancient All-Natural Protein Source
100% Pure – No Additives
Keto & Paleo Friendly

Real Animal Protein


BUG STRONG is a complete protein that includes all nine essential amino acids. It’s a very bio-available protein meaning that your body can easily digest it.

BUG STRONG is a great dietary additive for vegetarians since it offers an easy-to-digest complete protein source that is raised humanely, is sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

No artificial hormones. No steroids, No additional ingredients. Gluten-Free. Keto-Friendly. Truly Paleo.

Prebiotic Fiber


Prebiotic fiber is tough and not easily digestible so it travels deep into the gut and becomes nutrients for probiotics.

Effectively increasing prebiotics is directly related to an increase in healthy probiotics.

We generally have a hard time obtaining enough prebiotic fiber in our diet.

BUG STRONG offers a valuable source of prebiotic fiber.

High in Antioxidants


Antioxidants can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals (unstable molecules). Free radicals are molecules produced when your body metabolizes foods or is exposed to tobacco smoke or radiation.

BUG STRONG has over 3x the antioxidants orange juice has and can be used in many culinary applications.


All-natural protein that’s sustainable, environmentally friendly, and raised humanely

Ancient protein that’s high in antioxidants, prebiotic fiber, and packed with very bio-available vitamins and minerals

A complete food with ZERO additives including sugar, dairy, gluten, or soy

Cricket Powder B12


Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps you maintain healthy blood and nerve cells and also helps make DNA. B12 is difficult to obtain from plants making BUG STRONG a good choice for Vegetarians.

Cricket Powder Omega 3:6


Omega-6 and Omega-3 are fatty acids that are essential to our health yet we cannot synthesize them. Therefore, we need to get them from an external source. Too much of either one is not good and Bug Strong offers an idea 3:1 ratio that’s hard to find in other foods.

Cricket Powder Riboflavin


Riboflavin is a B vitamin (B2). It’s necessary for many processes in your body including normal cell growth and function. It converts food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose) used to produce energy

Cricket Powder Biotin


Biotin is also a B vitamin (B12) and it helps your body use enzymes and transport nutrients which helps regulate blood sugar levels. It’s an important component of enzymes that break down substances like fats, carbohydrates, and others.


Bug Strong is real animal protein supplying all nine essential amino acids.

Being high in very bio-available protein and low in carbohydrates, it’s perfect for bodybuilders and other athletes that need to boost their strength and increase endurance.

Cricket Powder Calcium


Calcium helps to build and maintain strong bones. Your heart, muscles, and nerves also need calcium to continue to function properly.

Cricket Powder Iron


Iron is needed to make hemoglobin which carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body, myoglobin, a protein that provides oxygen to your muscles. Plus, iron is needed to make some hormones.

Cricket Powder Magnesium


Chronically low levels of Magnesium can increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and osteoporosis. Magnesium is known to fight depression and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Cricket Powder Zinc


Zinc supports your immune system and general metabolism by enabling your body to make proteins and DNA, Zinc is essential for wound healing and your sense of taste and smell. Zinc also offers valuable antioxidants.

Cricket Powder Copper


Copper helps your body maintain healthy bones, blood vessels, nerves, and immune function. It is essential to iron absorption. Copper also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Cricket Powder Manganese


Manganese helps your body metabolize amino acids, cholesterol, glucose, and carbohydrates and plays a role in bone formation, blood clotting, and reducing inflammation.

As an active person, I always seek more natural, time-proven products. Bug Strong is an ancient all-natural whole food. As crazy as it sounds, I had to try it.

The mild taste surprised me. I can add it to almost anything, and I either won’t taste it at all or it adds a mild umami undertone – a nice earthy touch. 

It’s the easiest way to get real animal protein without all the pollution and inhumane treatment associated with other meat proteins.

Try Bug Strong

It’s the only way you’ll know!

Test it out. Give it a try. It’s the only way you’ll know that BUG STRONG makes a difference. Experience the benefits of BUG STRONG for yourself.

Try this ancient all-natural nutritional power source your ancestors enjoyed. It just might be what’s missing from your diet.

No artificial hormones. No steroids, No additional ingredients. Gluten-Free. Keto-Friendly. Truly Paleo. All Natural.

It’s a Culinary Adventure!

One Ingredient Whole Food



BUG STRONG only has one ingredient and that’s crickets. Crickets specifically raised for human consumption.

Being only one ingredient, it’s of note that you are eating the whole animal, not just the meat and gristle. This is just one reason that BUG STRONG offers so many beneficial and bio-available vitamins and minerals.

An all-natural nutritional powerhouse you can easily include in any meal.

Adding BUG STRONG to your diet makes sense.

Cricket Flour

Fortify your baked goods!

How about serving protein-packed cookies or birthday cupcakes that supply prebiotic fiber and antioxidants? Baking with BUG STRONG is easy and a great way to incorporate BUG STRONG into your diet.

TO BAKE: Mix BUG STRONG with regular baking flour at a 1:5 ratio. That’s 20% BUG STRONG to 80% baking flour. Too much will make baked foods a bit hard and chewy.

How about… Chocolate Chirp Cookies? They taste great and create an experience your friends and family will never forget.


You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits of BUG STRONG!

BUG STRONG offers many nutrients you may be missing in your current diet.

Our Ancestors Understood

This is an ancient nutrition source available to you… once again.

BUG STRONG is an easy way to get nutrients like Vitamin B12, Omegas, Prebiotic Fiber, Antioxidants, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, and so much more.

Vegetarians Eat Bugs


People become vegetarian or vegan for many different reasons. Most vegans will not eat BUG STRONG because crickets are animals.

However, many vegetarians concerned with the environment, sustainability, the humane treatment of animals, and getting the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to remain healthy see BUG STRONG as a beneficial addition to their diet.

What does cricket powder taste like?


BUG STRONG has a mild umami flavor few people dislike.

When mixed with other ingredients, the flavor is easily hidden, or overpowered, and will generally not be noticed.

When it’s mixed with others flavors, if the flavor is noticeable, it will generally impart a nice earthy tone.

Cricket Powder Allergies


People with shellfish allergies may be allergic to the chitin in BUG STRONG since it is very similar to chitin in crustaceans. (Pronounced: kītin).

When it comes to transmissible pathogens, BUG STRONG is safer than meat since our biology is more closely related to livestock. 

Good for You and Good for the Planet


Reading this far, you know why BUG STRONG is good for you
BUG STRONG is also Good for the Planet

As our population grows, the demand for meat increases. Available land and water for beef production are becoming scarce. Pollution, deforestation, and the humane treatment of animals are major concerns that need to be addressed.

Insect Agriculture is one solution.

Insect agriculture uses way less land and water than current animal agriculture while emitting a  fraction of the greenhouse gasses. Insects can be raised humanely in small spaces. They can be raised in urban or rural environments by families, small farms, and big industries.

For the sake of our health and that of our planet, it simply makes sense to add insects to our diets. 

Food Insecurity


Food insecurity is a major cause of strife and war. Edible insects, already consumed by billions of people worldwide, is one answer.

Crickets are a free to inexpensive protein source that can be grown in homes, small farms, and large commercial enterprises. They are a low-tech business that needs minimal investment capital.

Edible crickets are available to just about everyone everywhere. Crickets as food makes sense.

Inhumane Treatment of Animals


Crickets raised for food can be grown and harvested humanely without growth hormones or antibiotics. They like to be in close quarters and kept in the dark. Crickets can be grown in rural or urban environments. They can be grown by just about anyone anywhere in the world.

In contrast, other kinds of livestock need more land, water, and feed to grow. In an effort to maximize profits, most livestock is denied minimal requirements for a healthy life. Considering the problems with our current meat production methods, insect agriculture makes sense.



Two-thirds of the deforestation taking place in the Amazon is for beef production. Crickets, an alternative protein, can be grown humanely just about anywhere, in both rural and urban areas. Crickets can even be raised in old abandoned warehouses.

While beef demand is destroying countless acres of rainforest, we could be raising insects without any additional deforestation needed. In fact, there are millions of acres of prime cricket habitat available today without needing to cut a single tree.

Land and Water Resources


Two-thirds of our potable water and over a third of arable land is used for livestock. As our population increases by 50% in the near future, finding solutions to this is imperative. Crickets, pound for pound,  use a fraction of the land and water needed for traditional livestock.

In addition, crickets can be grown in urban environments using space that is currently underutilized.

Also important to note is that insects can be fed food waste to produce larvae that become feed for livestock.



Fertilizers, manure, and pesticides are major causes of land, water, and air pollution. Livestock is responsible for around 14 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Crickets, on the other hand, emit a minute amount of pollution in comparison and their frass (poop) makes a great fertilizer. It also takes less food to produce a pound of cricket. Beef is about 3:1 while crickets are 50% better at 2:1.



Crickets are real animal protein that includes all nine essential amino acids; they’re a prebiotic fiber (nutrition for probiotics), very high in antioxidants, a perfect Omega 3:6 balance, high in B12, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, and much more. Crickets are also a very bio-available food source.

Since crickets are an ancient food source and people all around the world still consider crickets food, it makes sense for us to add crickets to our diet.

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